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Hi! I'm Rachel! A Florida native and momma of two.. three if you count the furry one. I am (about to be) married to my amazing fiancĂ©, Jason. I picked up a camera for the first time in 2013 photographing my son as a toddler. It was a natural transition for me to begin taking clients and preserving their memories along with my own. As someone who lost her parents much earlier than anyone should, I know the importance of a photograph. I have always loved how the more time there is between a photo and the present, the more value the image holds. 

When hiring me, you can trust that I will be striving to get you the perfection you are looking for, as if it were my own family images being taken. I have a few passions in life, but my first and biggest being creating a meaningful experiences for other mother's. I get giddy anytime I get to photograph a beautiful bond between a parent and a child 

Meet the Artist..

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